Small group training

What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small Group Personal Training is also known as Semi-Private Personal Training as you share a training session with a few other people. The sessions are tailored to your abilities and goals. The structure will vary to keep things interesting – sometimes it’ll be circuit training, sometimes we’ll throw in some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), sometimes you’ll work off the other people in the room and motivate each other to get through a similar set of exercises – all while tailored to your individual fitness level and ability.


Why Choose Small Group / Semi-Private Training?

Many people prefer exercising with other people as they find it more motivating. Some don’t like 100% of the attention on them, and others do it to make training more affordable. It’s a great alternative to group training and bootcamps where there are many people – this way you have more individual attention and coaching from the Personal Trainer, while still in a group environment.


Who Is Suited To Semi-Private Personal Training?

Even if you have a few limitations or are pregnant, these sessions may still be suitable for you. Generally speaking, you should be able to move well and have a reasonable amount of body awareness. If you require a rehabilitation program, or movement, technique and/or specific posture coaching, you will benefit a lot more from a 1-on-1 approach.


Small Group / Semi-Private PT Prices

Online and in-person Small Group Personal Training classes cost $37.50-45 per session

Classes run for 50 minutes

Classes are capped at 10 participants

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Class times

Classes generally run in the afternoons and evenings on Monday to Thursday as well as Saturday mornings. However, not all days and times run weekly – please contact me directly to find out the current group schedule.

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