Train With Me

1:1 Personal Training

Training 1:1 with me is the most efficient way to learn how to move in a way to reduce your niggling aches and pains and get you quickly on track to your fitness goals. You will have my undivided attention to focus on the important details of each exercise. 

This is the most flexible approach when it comes to booking availability and training focus.

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Small Group Personal Training

Training in a small group can be quite motivating for a lot of people. You will benefit from the social aspect of training as well as reducing the cost of your personal training. Sessions are run at peak times, such as in the evenings, and the training is tailored to ensure each participant gets the right kind of training for them.

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Posture Consultations

Options are available for both personal appointments and corporate settings.

Learn how to sit, stand and move with better posture and alignment to look after your body and help reduce tension.

Posture is often an overlooked part in a modern training program but it has wide-ranging implications when not addressed.

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